Nowhere in the world is cycling as popular as in Groningen. No less than sixty percent of all traffic movements is by bicycle. Clear choices are essential if this is to be extended any further. In Groningen we have a long tradition of a good and clear cycling policy. That’s a tradition we wish to continue in order to keep the city economically vital, accessible and healthy. We are therefore giving bicycles more room than ever before. The growing number of city residents naturally translates into more bicycles, while new developments such as pedelecs are making bicycle paths busier.

    The new cycling strategy will work at solving familiar problems, such as parking in the city centre and the need for a coherent bicycle network. The Municipality of Groningen is concentrating more than ever before on influencing behaviour and the self-learning abilities of cyclists.

    Various measures are feasible in order to create more room for bicycles – literally and figuratively. In the coming period, the Municipal Executive will meet with the City Council to discuss priorities. Geo-thermal heating of the main cycling routes, for example, to keep them free from snow and ice, sustainably. Or to make it more attractive to change to a bicycle at P+R locations and train stations. More room for cyclists on the canal ring or the redesign of the Korreweg as a bicycle street. But also additional bicycle parking, both in the city centre and the districts.