• Cycling strategy

    Cycling strategy

    In the 1970s, the Mayor and Councillors of Groningen made a momentous choice to create more room for pedestrians and cyclists in the city centre. Groningen’s famous traffic-circulation plan saw the light of day – several lanes of tarmac around the Town Hall were broken up and most cars disappeared into the areas outside the canal ring.

    Almost forty years on we are still pleased with the radical measures that were taken at that time. However, we do realise that the time has come to make new choices, particularly for cyclists, that may extend beyond what we have been used to up to now.

    Groningen is a true Cycling City. For young and old, the bicycle is the most commonly used mode of transport in the city. In Groningen, cycling is part of our DNA. We are proud of that and we want to keep it that way. Although it is becoming busier all the time and the number of cyclists is still increasing, the available space remains the same. Yet we do want to create more space for bicycles – literally and figuratively. When we consider spatial development, we will consider the effects on cyclists in particular. Together with our citizens we put the bicycle first.

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